Babblings of a Mommy has collaborated with brands such as Kohl's, Victoria's Secret, Suave, Sears Style, CoverGirl, Kmart Fashion, Lane Bryant, and much more! Here are ways you can partner with me to reach consumers.

Babblings of a Mommy is open for advertising with competitive pricing available on ads/banners/and sponsored posts. Please contact me to discuss rates and conditions or to request a media kit which includes blog statistics, demographics, and more. (babblingsofamommy@gmail.com)

Product Reviews
Product reviews are welcomed, but must be relevant to blog.  All items including but not limited to: women and mens skin care, fashion, accessories, children's clothing, children's toys, children's skin/hair, home decor, etc. are all acceptable. *Products submitted for review are non-returnable.

Outfit Post Sponsorship
Jenny is a woman with curves who enjoys fashion and will accept clothing/accessories to be included in an outfit post. Your item will be highlighted in a styled look and noted as "gifted" or "c/o" your brand and will also include a link to your site and/or the item feature.

Giveaways are always encouraged. Readers will enter contest by submitting comments to blog, facebook and/or twitter and will be randomly selected via rafflecopter. Winner's information will be forwarded to sender and they will be responsible for sending out prize. Please contact me at babblingsofamommy@gmail.com for further details.

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