Monday, April 24, 2017

Insta-Worthy Hoops For The Hoop Lover

There are 2 kinds of women. Those who hate hoop earrings, and those who love them. I’m the latter of the two, of course. You won’t see me rocking anything BUT hoops, unless the occasion calls for a fancy affair, and even then – I somehow manage to find the perfect pair of hoops to dress up. Small, big, thick, or thin, edgy or simple – I love them all. My go-to is an oversized classic gold hoop, but I like to play around when it comes to styles and embellishments too. One thing I won’t compromise with though, is the price. I’ve lost too many earrings and broken too many backs to invest major dollars in hoops. My target-range is usually under $100, with most coming in at just under $35! Are you a hoop-lover too? Take Instagram by storm with these fun show-stoppers.

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