Thursday, March 23, 2017

Say Goodbye To Cold Drama with Advil Cold & Sinus

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The man cold. It’s real, people. Every time Jason has even the tiniest of signs of getting sick with the cold, I know my days will be drama-filled. He lays in misery, moaning and complaining, asking me to check his temperature for the 10th time. Too weak to move or even talk. He spends his day under a pile of blankets and mounds of tissues - desperately needing attention, and upset that I’m not taking his dire symptoms seriously.

As a matter of fact, recently my daughter was exposed to the man cold phenomenon. After witnessing one what can only be described as a "man-cold meltdown", she asked me. “Is daddy going to be OK?? Do we need to take him to the hospital??” I responded, “No, baby. He just has a cold… like us.”


Give this man a tool set, and he will build you a home. Show him a car, he will make it run. Throw him some numbers, and he will make you money, but the man cannot handle a cold! To create a drama-free home during cold season I turn to 3 simple and easy steps.

1. Hydrate 
The moment I sense an itchy throat coming on I make sure my family stays hydrated with plenty of liquids and hot tea with lemon.

2. Rest 
It’s sounds cliché, but there’s nothing that a good night’s rest can’t fix. Especially when you’re sick with the cold, you have to make sure you’re getting plenty of ZZZ’s!

3. Medicine 
Don’t wait until you’re bedridden to start taking medicine. I always reach for something I know and trust, like Advil Cold & Sinus. It combines Advil – the number-one selling pain reliever – and a powerful nasal decongestant to provide fast relief so you can continue on with your day.

From colds to sinus pressure, when you’re not feeling your best, it seems like you’re missing out on all of the fun. With a night out, a weekend getaway, or even just your daily routine, you don’t want the drama of having a cold to stop you.


To help you stay drama-free this cold and flu season, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is graciously giving one of my readers a $25 Visa gift card! To enter to win, simply follow the instructions on the rafflecopter widget below. (US ONLY.)


  1. I try to stay "drama-free" during cold season by drinking lots of water, and taking my medicine.

  2. I totally agree with you! I try to keep cold and flu medicine in hand. The last thing I want to do when I'm sick is make a run to the store. I also try to eat well, wash my hands often and drink lots of water.

  3. I try to stay drama free by taking vitamins and trying to keep my hands clean after being out and about!

  4. I get the flu shot and take vitamins

  5. I take daily vitamins and wash my hands a lot.


  7. i wash my hands alot

  8. I take probiotics and constantly wash my hands!


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