Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dia&Co Is Winning With Their Body Positive Campaign #MyBodyFirst

Shopping should be a fun experience, but it can also be extremely frustrating when there’s only a limited selection of sizes and styles that work for you. Growing up short and curvy, I’ve always felt like the odd one out. Finding a dress to fit my frame was an impossible feat, not to mention finding the perfect pair of jeans. Shopping became disheartening, especially for a teenager who didn’t know any better. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized there’s no such thing as a “normal body” and I needed to change my outlook on shopping and body image.

Thankfully, retailers are listening and wisening up, which is why I love Dia&Co “My Body First” campaign. It explores women’s emotionally-charged shopping experience by looking at clothing’s outdated sizing standards and calling for an approach that celebrates and prioritizes actual bodies.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dia&Co, they’re a relatively new subscription service dedicated to a body-positive, accessible shopping experience for women who wear sizes 14 and up. Each customer is paired with a stylist who works with the best brands - from industry staples to up-and-coming young designers - to provide them with curated looks to suit their unique style and shape.

Prior to creating the #mybodyfirst campaign, Dia&Co conducted new industry research and surveyed hundreds of women, with results revealing:

Only 22% of women reported feeling happy the last time they left a fitting room. 33% reported feeling significantly worse when leaving than when they entered. 

 ● On average, nearly 75% of the clothes a woman tries on do not fit her body. 

● America’s largest clothing retailers only offer 29% of new styles to women above a size 14. 

They’ve also created a powerful video for the campaign that I think most woman will relate to. Hopefully it can spark a conversation about positive body image and inspire a little self-love along the way.

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