Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fashionable Women Laptop Bags

For most women, buying a laptop bag is a herculean task. Most laptop bag designers, unfortunately, do not take women into consideration very much. This means that as a woman, you have to look long and hard to find laptop bags that will match your beautiful blanket coats and not look out of place.

Leaving the laptop in the office or at home when you head out is often good idea. It’s always that bit safer. However, there are many reasons why you may need your laptop with you, from work to playing on new bingo sites like PGBingo. Here is a look at some fashionable women laptop bags to help you look great on the go.

Case Logic RUM-115 Reflexion 15-Inch Laptop Messenger 

This is a fully-fledged office bag. It features space to hold your laptop, your tablet and your water bottles. Its deep black color and asymmetrical shape means you will always be ready for formal occasions, without losing any of your charm.

Solo Vintage Collection Executive Tote 

This executive tote is a sharp style departure from traditional laptop bags, but it still has room for a 15-inch laptop. The black polyester bag will fit nicely with most outfits. It is the perfect bag if you are looking for a material that will look equally good in the boardroom and at a party.

Melissa Beth Pocket Full of 'Puter 

The bag is designed in 50s style. It can hold a 13-inch laptop and features additional space that can hold anything from small paperwork to gym clothes. It is available in pink, orange, or pale blue.

Timbuk2 Custom Prospect Laptop Messenger Bag 

This is a laptop bag that can comfortably keep your 15-inch laptop separated from other items you need to carry about. It comes in a wide range of colors, and the manufacturers allow customers to personalize the colors they want on different parts of the bag.

Smartphones and tablets are more important than ever but they have not been able to fully replace laptops. With prices as low as $30, you can afford a fashionable laptop bag to take with you to your work or for leisure.

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