Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bundle Up! How To Wear This Season's Must-Have Wraps & Scarves

There’s nothing I love more than wearing a scarf on a cool crisp day. Not only does it keep me warm, but it ups my style game 1000%. The problem is with so many types of scarves out there I find it difficult to know which ones to style and how. Of course I can easily wrap them around my neck and call it day, but I’m always looking for sassier ways to wear my scarves that don’t require a YouTube tutorial. Below you will find 4 easy-to-achieve styling tricks for 4 different types of scarves.

Keep your fringe in check by folding it diagonally and tying around your neck so the fringe hangs down in all its glory - bandana style.

These scarves look best with a bit of wrap work. Loop it around-and-around and tuck the ends in for a cozy snood look.

Have a vintage stole from grandma? Update the neck piece by draping it over one shoulder (or both) and belting it for instant chicness.

Some scarves are so big they can double as a coat or blanket. Start by placing it around your back and shoulders. Leave one end hanging down and the other wrap it around your opposite shoulder. Secure with a pin or brooch.

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