Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pure Summer Fun with Nestle Pure Life

This post is sponsored by Nestle Pure Life. 

As Arianna’s last day of school approaches, there's only one thing on the agenda: summer fun. The days of summer are short and sweet so we try to make the best out of it by planning as many outdoor activities as we can. From family BBQ's, to baseball games. Monster truck shows to carnival rides. Not to mention good ol' fashion outdoor play. And I’m just talking about the last 3 weeks!! Plus we’re starting to plan out our family vacation as we speak, so one thing is for sure; our summer calendar is full.

The best part of these family-friendly activities is that they’re not only fun, but they’re also good for the soul. After the winter we had, getting a little sun in our faces is just what we need to recharge our spirits. But part of being outside and enjoying the summer heat is also being responsible. Not only by using sunblock for protection, but drinking plenty of water to keep our bodies cool and hydrated.

Nestle Pure Life water helps my family do just that. There's nothing our bodies need more on a hot summer day than some good ol' H20. Even if some kids and adults, (you know who you are), are not big water drinkers. Be smart. Stay hydrated. Stay healthy. And make the best out of the next 100 days.

Nestle Pure Life: 12 Steps to Quality. It’s not just our process, it’s our promise.

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