Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lights Out - Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

Choosing the right window fixture can change the appearance of your home for the better, and not only that, it can lower the cost of your heating bills. If you have young children, getting the light right is crucial to allow your kids to get to sleep despite the time of day. Conveying an impression of night time can be the difference between Mom and Dad getting a full night’s sleep and getting no sleep at all!

Louvered blinds

Louvered blinds look simple and give your space a clean and clutter free appearance while still keeping the sun out. Kitchens and bathrooms are best suited to this kind of window dressing, since they need the best of light during the day. They require replacing relatively frequently but are plain and straightforward for rooms used for playing and working in.

Skylight windows

If you have a Velux window, you may want to consider a blackout blind because the positioning of your window may mean a lot of light gets in at an angle that makes too much sunshine unavoidable particularly in the morning. These can be pricey but are worth a good fitting to ensure darkness and warmth particularly in the winter months.


Many old properties come with the bonus of shutters. They may provide suitable darkness in the evening, but you’ll probably want to install blinds behind them because they let light in come the morning. They can be difficult to clean, so you may want to invest in a shutter duster to get in between the slats and avoid the appearance of dust and dirt.

A full set of curtains

Heavy curtains can both keep the heat in and the light out. They offer a lot of privacy too and are a perfect solution for a room where you watch television, as they allow suitable protection against glare. Unfortunately, if you have big, ceiling-to-floor windows this can get expensive but you can also get a perfect fit for your windows in return for your spend. You can also buy a variety of curtains from Tesco or other stores that will do the trick.

The type of window dressing you choose can often correlate with the positioning of your room. If you’re facing south, opt for black out blind and heavy curtains to stop the light from getting in as much. If your room faces the back of the house then you have more flexibility. It's important to choose the right kind of light for play during the day while separating your sleeping spaces in the evening.

 *This post is written by Allison Turner. Image by it's great to be home and oddharmonic, used under Creative Commons license

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