Friday, May 29, 2015

Bumps Be Gone! 7 Products To Combat Keratosis Pilaris

As a mom there are many things you wish your kids would inherit from your gene pool. A cunning sense of humor. A good work ethic. A kind heart. A winning smile. Keratosis Pilaris however, is not one of them. I suffer from a mild case of KP and now I have unfortunately passed down the trait to my daughter who seems to have a more severe case than I do.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Keratosis Pilaris, or “chicken skin” as it’s sometimes called. It's a common skin condition that causes patches of fine bumps on back of arms, legs, and sometimes even the face. It’s not medically serious or dangerous, but more of an annoyance to those who suffer from it. Nearly 40 percent of people have these small raised bumps, and sadly there is no miracle cure to zap them away. But there are however skin-care products on the market that may help diminish the appearance of them. If you suffer from KP too, I rounded up 7 products to combat those pesky bumps in my latest post. Click below to see the full story.

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