Monday, April 20, 2015

OOTD: I'm No Angel

A few days ago Lane Bryant launched their biggest campaign to date. The #ImNoAngel movement is a message about redefining what sexy is. A bold statement of self-confidence and loving yourself no matter big, small, tall, or whatever you are, in a very tongue and cheek way.

Lane Bryant was even kind enough to send me an “I’m No Angel” t-shirt to help spread the word. And even though I love what this message stands for, I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate because I’ve heard so many mixed feelings about how forward, and in-you-face the advertisement is. But once I tried it on, and my daughter asked me what the “I’m No Angel” on my shirt meant, I knew that I had to take part because it’s an important dialogue we need to have. Especially with young girls.

Body shaming has become a huge problem with our society. And as mothers and women we must teach our girls to love themselves, and more importantly accept others for who they are, and not the size of their waist. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. No one is perfect. And you don’t have fit a stereotype to look or feel beautiful. We need to teach them to embrace their bodies and not be ashamed of it. To challenge the norm and promote diversity and self-confidence.

I know I’ve struggled with being comfortable in my own skin. And as a mother I want to pass along a message of self-love to my daughter. I know I really didn’t have that growing up, so I want to make sure she understands that she will always be beautiful regardless of her weight or size. My only hope is that she strive to be happy and healthy, and not let the number on a scale dictate her self-worth, or mine for that matter.

| shirt: c/o lane bryant | skirt: eshakti | belt: (similar) | necklace: (similar) | clutch: (similar / similar)
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