Friday, March 27, 2015

Healthy Habits Start At Home

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When you’re a mom your work is never fully done. We are on the go morning, noon, and night. Which sometimes can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Believe me, I know hard it can be to stay focused and make smart choices. But this year, I’ve committed to living a healthier more well-balanced life for not just myself, but my family as well. Here are a few changes we’ve all been implementing over the last few months that are starting to pay off!

Substituting Fruits for Sweets 

We’re a family of snackers. At any given moment you will find someone in the kitchen asking for a snack. So instead of stocking the pantry with candy and junk food I started swapping them out with fruits. I found that the more fruits I laid out on the counter for us to see, the more likely we were all to reach for them instead of the sugary sweets.

Get Up and Move 

The struggle is real. I know. But finding an exercise you truly enjoy will make a world of difference, especially with kids. It took a while for us to find something that Arianna would enjoy. And now she spends her days counting down to her next swim and gymnastics class. Same rules apply to us. Whether it’s walking the dog, doing Zumba, or boxing. Find something that you like so it won’t feel like exercise.

Eliminating Soda for Water 

I’m lucky that my daughter has never taken to soda, but my husband and I occasionally indulged in one, especially with take-out. I have now eliminated soda completely from my diet and increased my intake of H20. Good hydration is key to any healthy lifestyle so we make sure to keep our water handy. Nestle Pure Life water bottles are great for this because they come in 12oz bottles which makes it easy for transport, especially to my daughter’s school and classes. Another tip is to add lemon to the water which I do at restaurants and other social events, so I don’t feel like I’m drinking just plain water.

Adding Whole Grains 

Eating lots of whole grains especially those high in fiber is a big change for us. It took me a really long time get used to eating brown rice. I mean, I haaated it. But I found that spicing it up a bit a la Chipotle-style with a bit of cilantro and lemon really made a big difference for me. Same thing goes with oats and quinoa. Just mixing it up a bit and making it more exciting can be all you need to start finally enjoying those whole grains.

These are just a few tips my family and I are following to live a happier healthier life. What are some of yours?

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