Monday, November 10, 2014

Style Inspiration: Blake Lively

Baby bump, or no baby bump – Blake Lively has some serious style. She’s been a trendsetter since way back in her Gossip Girl days. But what really impresses about this mom-to-be is that unlike most celebrities, she doesn’t use a stylist and dresses herself whether on the red carpet or not. She was recently quoted saying: “I've never used a stylist because I love it too much, it's such an expression of me.”

Kudos to you Blake! You are rocking that baby bump with effortless style and not to mention some highly-covetable coats too! In fact, I’m completely swooning over her choice of cloak coats lately. The only thing is that Lindsey Thornburg coats will set you back $1300. Ouch! If you’re looking for a more affordable route here are some great options:

Cape Coats

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  1. Yes I love Blake's style she's totally one hot Mama to be!

  2. I think there's a real art to dressing for cold weather and Lively has a great understanding of what works for her. I'm in the market for another coat myself, but I'm very picky. We'll see if I find one I think is worth having ;-)



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