Monday, November 3, 2014

OOTD: Cozy Plum

We’ve had a blast of cold weather the past few days, but it didn’t deter our plans of going into the city this weekend, so I made sure to dress up nice and cozy. Good thing I picked up this quilted side zip top from Lane Bryant last week. I just loved the details on it. I bought it a bit over-sized so it’s really thick and comfy and feels more like a sweater. The LB website says the color is Madeira Red, but I say it’s more of a burgundy plum. So I paired it with an old colorful gap scarf I had, added a long layered necklace, and of course tall boots to complete my look.

  |outfit details: quilted size zip top: lane bryant | jeggings: jennifer lopez for kohl's | boots: lane bryant (similar)| scarf: gap | necklace: lia sophia | bag: michael kors bedford satchel |


  1. Love the rich plum colour, you look so cute.

  2. Very chic look. Love your purse and scarf.

  3. You look stunning I love the deep rich colors on you!

  4. arrgghh this is EXACTLY what i wish i was wearing today, its gone to 4 degrees Celsius here in the uk literally over night. This looks like the perfect warm and chic ensemble! Gorgeous Jenny!


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