Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For Him: Movember Products

It’s Movember ladies. You know what that means - your guy is trying to grow out his best Tom Selleck ‘stache as we speak. Men who participate in this month-long charity event ditch their razors to raise money and spark awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. My husband participated last year, and boy oh boy was it a sight to see! (Haha) But hey, if it encourages the men in our lives to take care of their health – I’m all for it. So in honor of Movember and No Shave November here are some products to keep your man's facial hair in check.

// 1. brooklyn grooming pilgrim's classic hair and beard tonic // 2. art of shaving moustache maintenance set // 3. texas beard company beard oil + balm combo // 4. jack black mp10 nourshing oil // 5. brooklyn grooming beard soap // 6. billy jealousy beard envy wash + conditioner //

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