Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fabkids Sequin & Tulle

With the holidays right around the corner there's plenty of reasons to get all dolled up. Just like our little black dress, every little girl should have a dress that makes her sparkle and shine. This Sequin and Tulle dress Arianna received courtesy of FabKids is perfect for those special occasions. She practically ripped it right out of my arms when I opened it! Needless to say, Little Missy was excited to try it on. I love how the stark black tights look against the bright pink dress. It's a great contrast. We dressed it up with some cute kitty flats and I even let her borrow one of my clutches to complete her fab outfit. Now she's ready to hit the town!                                            

If you're not a FabKids member now is your chance! Get 75% off their 1st outfit + free shipping.

  Disclosure: I'm a member of FabKids blogger program.


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