Friday, September 5, 2014

Back To School: First Day Style

Yesterday was Arianna's first day back at school and even though she was excited I could tell she was a little nervous. To be honest, I had butterflies in my stomach too. I feel like up until now school has been fun and easy, but now she's entered the third grade, and it's a completely different ball game. Everything is much more serious and her academic performance is magnified which makes me worried sick. At least I know she was walking into her school with a bounce in her step because she loved what she was wearing. She picked it out the day before and couldn't wait to show it off.

Her cheetah print dress is from P.S. from Aeropostale which we picked up last month. Her Zara Kids vest is one of my favorites - it's so versatile and goes with everything. (Get a similar one here). Her cute heart pull-on sneakers are from Crazy 8 which we picked up last week on an impromptu visit.

As far as our first day jitters goes...welp, they were all washed away when she came leaping through the doors saying that she had a great day and loves her new teacher! #SighOfRelief


  1. Awww so glad she had a great first day! We're such worriers, we worry about everything. Arianna looks so cute love her outfit.

    1. Thanks! That's our job. We're professional worriers. :)

  2. She looked just fabulous! Love that dress!


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