Thursday, August 14, 2014

FabKids Back To School Style

Arianna’s first day of school is in September which leaves me with just a few short weeks to get her back to school ready. We have most of her school supplies down, but I’m still working on getting her wardrobe together. FabKids is always an easy option for parents because it comes with a complete outfit and their designs are always super-duper cute.

Take this Hearts Sweetie Outfit from their back to school collection, for example. I just adore the black and white heart print dress with bright pink zipper detail in the back. It’s fun and unique. And it also comes with bright pink leggings to make it school and playground appropriate. It makes my life easier knowing that she can pick this right out of her closet and have an ensemble ready to wear for school!

For more back to school outfits make sure to visit the FabKids site here
Stay fab! XX

 Disclosure: I'm a member of FabKids blogger program.


  1. Awww too cute! I love FabKids. I'm so nervous for my baby to start Kindgergarten.

    1. Thanks! Me too. Kindergarten is always hard for parents but think about how much fun she'll have! I wish mine was back in kindergarten. I'll take it over 3rd grade any day! Ha!


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