Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brazil World Cup Top Fashion Stakes

Whether it’s the Louis Vuitton luggage the famous trophy has been held in or the French team’s fabulous deep blue kit, this summer’s soccer World Cup has already been one of the most stylish in the tournament’s history.

From the likes of Thierry Henry and Fabio Canavarro helping add some much-needed style to the commentary couches, to the on-trend kits many of the teams are wearing, fashion fans are being treated as much as soccer fans in Brazil this month.

Not many know that Louis Vuitton makes the over-the-top case for the World Cup trophy, and the official case will carry the trophy out in the tournament’s final on July 13 in Rio. It remains to been seen which two teams will be battling it out to lift the trophy once it’s taken out of its posh home, but there’s a strong chance the team will be kitted out in a nice strip.

While France have stolen the style stakes with their blue kits – designed by Nike’s Martin Lotti - Brazil’s traditional yellow shirts look as good as ever. The USA team’s kit has gone down very well with American fans, and the team’s 2-1 victory over Ghana means they now have a real chance of progressing to the second round.

The gold-bibs the substitute players wear has added much more style to the dugouts than previous tournaments. While the substitutes still look glum they are not out on the field playing, at least they look good while they await their chance to play.

Last but not least, the hairstyles on show in Brazil so far have been as good as ever. Brazilian star Neymar has not only wowed fans with his efforts on the field but also with his different hairstyles. From a floppy fringe to a platinum fade, Neymar has been the star of the hair show as well as the soccer show.

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After spending a couple of years travelling the world, I finally decided to start university at the still-definitely-young-and-hip age of 27, and I’m currently nearing the end of a journalism degree in Leeds. As well as writing regular blogs on a variety of topics ranging from soccer to travelling, I’ve also dipped my toe into the world of scriptwriting and have written a sitcom and a couple of short plays, which have all been VERY well received by my mother. Unfortunately she’s a teacher and not a television executive.

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