Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beauty Box 5: May 2014

Sometimes we need a little beauty boost. Just a little something to give us a quick pick-me-up and makes us feel fresh and renewed. Luckily everything in this Month's Beauty Box 5 is made to do just that! From hydrating facial masks to cooling body cloths here is how BB5 is making feel like a new woman:

Masker Aide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask - 
This paraban-free, vegan friendly sheet mask is great for a quick at-home spa day. The Detox Diva masked I tested is formulated with natural ceranium oil, seaweed and green tea leaf extracts. It helps minimize pores, absorb, impurities and protect from toxins without removing your skins natural oils. But what I love best is that there was no mess! You simply unfolded it and discard the mask when you're done leaving your skin happy and hydrated after.

H20 Plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel-
This cleansing gel is made with sea salt and energizing marine botanicals. It foams away any impurities and gently exfoliates your pretty face. I was only able to get a few washes from the sample I received but I'm definitely going to look into getting the full-sized version, because I really liked how it left my skin!

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths-
These revolutionary cloths with patented PowderSilk Technology leave skin feeling instantly refreshed with a translucent superfine powder so skin stays smooth and comfortable all day with no sticky residue. Perfect for after the gym, during a long day at work, or on the road.

Harvey Prince Hello Fragrance
This pretty floral perfume smells just like summer should! It's a clean fresh scent with refreshing mandarin, grapefruit, forsythia, and plumeria notes. I'm keeping this baby in my handbag so I can spritz it on whenever I need a little refresher.

Cattiva Precisione Eye Liner
If there's anything a girl needs when it hot and sticky outside it's a waterproof eyeliner! This one is retractable, so sharpening is not required. Plus it delivers smooth and smudge resistant lines.

Are you familiar with BB5? Each month 5 samples of cosmetic products are delivered right to your door for just $12. Pick up your Beauty Box 5 Subscription now!

*Disclaimer: I'm part of the BB5 Exclusive Reviewer Program.

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