Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Ready Nails

Okay, so maybe the unexpected snowfall yesterday left you feeling like spring only exists on the west coast. (That’s how I feel anyway.) But technically the calendar says its spring, so I’m going to try to stay positive, and continue to pretend like it is – regardless of what the temps really say outside.

To keep me in a positive state of mind, I put together the prettiest spring-inspired manicures. From gradient, to floral, and Easter-inspired, these seasonal favorites are sure to put a spring in my step!

Daisy Art

Gradient /Ombre)

Lavender w/ Glitter Accent

Polka Dots on White

Dior Rose

Neon Tips

Easter Pastels

Daisy Delight

Glitter with Solid Accent

Sweet Stripes

Lovely Jubbly Accent


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