Thursday, April 10, 2014

Found! The Perfect Plus Size Jean

I’m sure most women hate jean shopping. But I mean, I haaaaaaate jean shopping. When you’re curvy and vertically challenged like me, finding the right pair of jeans can be an impossible feat. I’ve tried all kinds of brands – high end/low end – it doesn’t matter. The fit is never quite right, and I always have to end up altering them in some way.

There’s only been one pair of jeans that really have fit perfectly right off the rack, and they were from Fashion Bug. But Fashion Bug has since closed down, and I’ve been aimlessly searching for a new denim brand to fit the bill. And guess what? I found one!!

My current must-have jean comes from the Latin diva herself – J.LO! I stumbled across her plus size section at Kohl’s and decided to try on her denim line. Amazing! The fit and feel of the jeans are perfection. They’re buttery soft and very flattering. They don’t stretch even after long wear. Some styles do come in short and regular which is great, but I find that if you buy the regular cuffed jeans and just unroll them, they fit perfectly for shorties like me! I’m stoked with my new discovery and already have gone back to buy more styles.

Have you tried the Jennifer Lopez Collection jeans? 
What are your thoughts?


  1. I haven't bought anything from her line yet. I should head to Kohl's and check it out in person!

    1. You definitely should! She has a wide range of items for accessories and clothes to bedding and home decor. Love it all. :)


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