Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Chic Succulent Displays

Succulent gardens have been on the rise recently. It's no wonder because they're extremely easy to care for, and make great centerpieces for your home. They're a lovely way to bring the outdoors in, and make you feel like a master gardener - even if you don't have a green thumb!

I've been obsessed with Succulents lately. But I want to make sure that if I make an indoor terrarium, it looks chic & unique, and not just planted in a old ceramic pot somewhere. So here are 7 ideas I found and loved for a little display inspiration!

Tea Cup 
How pretty and delicate do these succulents look in a tea cup and saucer? Adorbs.

Rock Bed Centerpiece
These bright green Sempervivums look gorgeous against a white rock bed.


Suspended Teardrop
Such a unique way to display your terrarium.

Beach Theme
Adding white sand, seashells, and drift wood creates a charming coastal vibe.

Drinking Glass 
Don't complicate things. A simple drinking glass creates a lovely home for your succulents too.

Bell Jar
Super easy and chic! Place a bell jar over the succlents and you're done!

Mini Globes
These mini globes come are a succulent kit and are so cute and petite.

Which succulent display do you love?

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