Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tips for a Healthier Snack Time with Mott’s

Healthy snacking can be a challenge for most, but especially for busy families. We don’t only have to worry about the food being healthy and nutritious, but also tasty enough for picky eaters to eat too! I know it’s a constant struggle – at least at my house, so I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years that have helped me when tummy rumblings strike my family.

No. 1 – Make It Fun

Finicky eaters often eat with their eyes first, so try to make snack time more enjoyable by either placing food in fun containers, or by cutting fruit, veggies, or other snacks in different shapes and sizes.

No. 2 - Meet Their Match

Just like peanut butter & jelly, some things just taste better when paired together. Instead of giving them an apple - try apple slices and peanut butter, or raw veggies with fat-free ranch dressing, or graham crackers and yogurt.

No. 3 – Make Grains Your BFF

Choosing whole grain-foods like pretzels, tortillas, and cereal are not only very filling, but healthy too. It will keep them satisfied for a long time and give them plenty of energy for the day.

No. 4 – Shake It Up

No one can resist a smoothie. Even the pickiest eaters love them! It’s an excellent way of providing fresh fruit or veggies and sneaking in plenty of nutrients in their diet too.

No. 5 – On the Go

Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare a snack, so keep a variety of items that are available and ready to go. My favorites are granola bars, or applesauce - like Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce Pouches. They’re the perfect healthy snack for an on-the-go lifestyle, and are great for lunchboxes, purses, picnics, and halftime snacks.

My family recently had the opportunity to try these yummy applesauces a few weeks ago, and all I can say is that we instantly became fans! They come in a variety of flavors, and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. My personal favorite was the Strawberry flavor, while Jason and Arianna like the Natural flavor.

Mott’s® Snack & Go is the nutritious applesauce kids love in a squeezable pouch they can take with them wherever they go. Mott's is also the only applesauce brand with Box Tops for Education®, helping to support kids' schools. Visit to learn more. How do you make snack time healthier in your home?

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Mott’s® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Mott’s®.}


  1. Thanks for the tips Jenny! Like you, it's sometimes a challenge for me what snack or meal to give to my young son that he'll devour. Sometimes I go to the same old same old but I need to change things a bit to make it more appealing and interesting.


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