Thursday, January 9, 2014

Building an Afterschool Routine + Free Printable

Getting the kids ready for school is the mornings can be stressful, but coming home in the afternoon can be just as stressful and chaotic if you don’t have a post-school routine. Kids come back full of energy and bursting with excitement, so it’s important to provide them with after school activities to keep things organized, and encourage individual responsibility.


When Arianna comes home from school I make sure to set aside some time to talk to her, and find out all about her day. I find that at this time she is full of stories, and can’t wait to tell me what she did or learned that day. It’s also the perfect time for her to sit down and do her homework since the school day is still fresh on her mind. I encourage her to do her homework right away, so she won’t have to worry about it later.


Once her homework is done I give her have a nutritious snack. After a long day, it’s important to keep her fueled until dinner. I try to give her something healthy and energizing to keep her going the rest of the day.


Reading is an important part of Arianna’s after-school routine. She must read a book out-loud to me every day. She can pick whatever book she wants, but it has to be something in her reading level. This is not only instilling a love of reading and learning, but it’s also an excellent time to spend quality time with her. We often have great chats afterwards about the story she’s reading, or anything else that’s on her mind.


Once all her tasks are done, she is free to do whatever she wants. She can play games, watch TV, play outside, play in her room, etc. She’s had a long day and deserves a little downtime just for herself.

A daily routine is not just beneficial for you, but for your whole family too. That’s why Team Kellogg’s has come up with an Afterschool Routine printable that will help your family get on track of post-school activities. I had Arianna fill her's out. Print it out and see how your kids can get involved in building their own after school routine.

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  1. You've set a great routine with Arianna. Madison loves books and has to read a story at bedtime every night.

    1. Thanks Aracely! I give her the option of reading a book at bedtime too, or I just read one for her. :)


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