Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Must-Read Children's Christmas Books

Christmas is about making memories and traditions, so why not make family story time one of them?
Here are 10 children Christmas favorites to read this season.

1. God Gave Us Christmas - As Little Cub and her family prepare to celebrate the most special day of the year, the curious young polar bear begins to wonder… Who invented Christmas?

2. The Night Before Christmas - Award winner Robert Sabuda brings Clement Clarke Moore's classic tale of The Night Before Christmas to life in this festive pop-up edition, sure to become a perennial family favorite.

3. Mooseltoe - Moose thinks he has all his Christmas preparations taken care of, but at the last minute he must come up with a substitute for the Christmas tree.

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - “Every Who down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot . . . but the Grinch, who lived just north of Who-ville, did NOT!” Not since “’Twas the night before Christmas” has the beginning of a Christmas tale been so instantly recognizable.

5. The Polar Express - For twenty years, The Polar Express has been a worldwide bestseller and Christmas classic. A perfect keepsake for any family

6. Snowmen At Christmas - Snowmen at Night shared with us the magical, slip-sliding adventures of snowmen after dark . . . but have you ever wondered what snowmen do for Christmas?

7. Santa's New Suit - It's almost Christmas. Santa has to get ready. He opens his closet door. All he sees is red--lots of red suits. Santa's had it. He's ready for a change. He wants a new suit! But will Santa be Santa without his red suit? Will Christmas ever be the same?

8. Olive, The Other Reindeer - Olive is merrily preparing for Christmas when suddenly she realizes "Olive... the other Reindeer... I thought I was a dog. Hmmm, I must be a Reindeer!" So she quickly hops aboard the polar express and heads to the North Pole

9. Olivia Helps With Christmas - Christmas is coming, and Olivia is incredibly busy. She has to wait for Santa, make sure Dad sets up the tree, watch Mom make the Christmas dinner, oversee the care with which the stockings are hung, and, of course, OPEN HER PRESENTS! Whew, being helpful during the holidays is exhausting!

10. Pete The Cat Saves Christmas - 'Twas the day before Christmas and Santa was ill. In the cold winter wind he had caught a bad chill. Will Christmas be canceled? Will it come to that? "Never!" cried Santa. "Let's call Pete the Cat!"

What are some your kids favorite Christmas books?

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