Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Fashion Tips From Olivia Palermo

With the bitter cold already hitting most of the country, it's easy to just put on a puffer jacket and Ugg boots, and call it a day. But if there's anyone who can remind us that winter can be just as fierce, it's Olivia Palermo. She's been a style favorite of mine for YEARS, and can teach us a thing or two about cold weather dressing. Let's dissect her winter wardrobe, shall we?

Statement Scarf
 Forget those lightweight scarves, Olivia picks a chunky statement scarf to make her winter outfit a stand-out.

Pile On The Fur
Olivia is the queen of layering, and winter is no different. During the cold months Miss Palermo opts for a mix of fur (preferably faux) to keep her warm.

Top It Off
If there is one thing that Olivia loves - its a fabulous hat! This burgundy wool felt hat seems to be a favorite of hers. It's versatile and useful on bad weather days.

Be A Rule Breaker
 Olivia scoffs at antiquated fashion rules. Here she is looking fabulous in winter white and paying no mind to the Labor Day cutoff date.

Are you a fan of Olivia's style? Which look is your favorite?


  1. That hat reminds me of one I need to pull out of my closet.

    Very chic!

    1. Awesome! Definitely take that sucker out! :)

  2. Some great inspiration here. Have a wonderful holiday!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. J'adore her style and I wish I looked that good in a hat!


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