Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Game Plan. #MyKindOfHoliday

Put your game faces on ladies! It’s that time of year. Chaos and madness all in the name of finding the best holiday deals! When I was younger I remember staying up all night so I can scour the store floors at the crack of dawn. Now that I’m a mom, my Black Friday starts a little later, so I can make it a family event. I've learned that I really don't need to be the first through the door, especially since retailers do a good job of stocking inventory for the entire day. But I still believe in having a good strategy going in - so here is my Black Friday game plan I try to stick to:
  • Research the best deals online in order to save time and energy.
  • Prioritize what items I need first.
  • Delegate tasks to others. (This can be a lifesaver with long lines!)
This year I have my eye on a few deals including this Samsung 32'' TV for our bedroom, and the Furby Boom for Arianna.What are your Black Friday plans? Do you have any strategies you follow?

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  1. I try not to go out on Black Friday. No Deal is worth getting stomped on for!

    1. I understand. I don't like dealing with the huge crowds either, that's why I go on later on in the day. Same deals, less traffic. :)


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