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Beauty Tips & Trends For Fall w/ Pixi & NP Set

For many fashionistas fall is not just about rotating their wardrobes, but also their makeup too! I'm all for trying new makeup colors and trends, especially with lipstick and eyeliner. These two things can easily transform you look and instantly brighten up your face.

For me, trying new things also means trying new brands, like Pixi by Petra Strand, and NP Set by Napoleon Perdis. Although I have seen their collections at Target many times before, I've never really given them a chance - till now. Honestly, I don't know why I waited so long. Both collections are from renowned makeup artists, and their products are amazing!

The Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen collection (pictured above) goes on so silky smooth, and is so pigmented!! It's a new favorite of mine. The NP Set Lipstick in Marseilles is also quickly becoming a favorite, with its rich tone and staying power. I'm completely sold!

Here are some tips and trends compiled by Petra and Napoleon to inspire you to try a new look this fall - whether it be a bold lip, smoky eye or a flawless complexion.

Trend #1: A Bold Lip

Ladies, be adventurous! Try a new color for fall! Applying lipstick can always serve as an image adjustment, especially when playing around with bright colors for a quick pick me up. This season Target’s NP Set of Lipstick Brights ($12 each) can help you achieve a deep, bold lip color that isn’t quite vampy or classic red but more of a youthful and sophisticated berry pout.

• For fairer skin tones: wine and burgundy
• For medium skin tones: deep scarlet and cranberry
• For deeper skin tones: mulberry and blackberry

How To Prep: 
1. Before you start a deep lip, always conceal your lip line first to even out any uneven lip pigment, ensuring you will always get the cleanest lip look possible.

2. Line lips first and last when working with dark shades. By lining the lips first, you establish the boundaries before saturating them with intense color.

3. Dark colors can make the lips appear smaller, so for those women who want to remain on-trend without losing the voluptuous pout, simply dab some gloss on the center of the bottom lip to reflect light and give the appearance of fuller lips.

Trend #2: A Smoky Eye

The mysterious smoky eye women strive to achieve shouldn’t be such a mystery! Target’s Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit ($25) is a great beauty find – with four pens it’s easy and inexpensive to create a unique smoky eye to compliment your fall wardrobe. It is all about knowing your face, and the shades it would compliment.

• For Brown Eyes: Anthracite grey is a very easy shade to create a beautiful smoky eye. It works best as a base color to then enhance it with a real high definition color like teal, peacock blue, emerald and garnet.

• For Blue Eyes: A smoky bronze looks sophisticated and is very easy to wear, even as a foray into a darker smoky eye.

• For Green Eyes: Smoky purple also compliments most eye colors but particularly makes green eyes “pop.”

How to Prep: 
1. If using a vibrant powder, sketch out your smoky eye and use the bright powder on the center of the lid and blend it down with a “polishing” movement to essentially blend the color into the lid or as a liner.

2. Use the vibrant shade first across the whole of the lid.

3. Blend with a small-headed brush to graduate the effect with the intensity of pigment close to the lash line, fading as it goes up the lid.

4. To finish up, simply smoke it up with the grey so you get a seamless, colorful smoky look.

5. Apply another little bit of smoky shade on the outer corner of the eye for extra sassiness.

6. Brighten and lighten or line and define your eyes with the Pixi Crayon Combo ($18 each) in Wide Awake, Super Natural and Softly Smoky.

7. A flawless base goes best with smoky eyes. Two coats of mascara will define the eyes, and contouring the face with a subtle sweep of blush will pronounce the cheekbones.

Trend #3: A Flawless Complexion

Look “bella” in your skin! The perfect canvas for fall fashion makeup calls for a neutral palette, which is flattering for most women and is not intimidating to work with. Glowing, youthful skin teamed with flushed cheeks, strong brows and messy up-dos make for an alluring combination of sweet and sexy.

How to Prep: 
1. Embrace the prime of your life! Primer really is the essential component in creating a perfect complexion. For that healthy glow, use a quarter-sized amount of NP Set Calming Pre-Foundation Primer ($29) that has ingredients like aloe, cucumber and peppermint extract to help reduce redness.

2. Apply foundation sparingly. Instead of applying to your entire face, only target the heart-shaped area of the face: below the forehead, around the eyes and down to the chin so that it blends out to nothing and leaves no demarcation.

3. Finish up with a dusting of NP Set Pasarela Powder Foundation ($25.50) to set your make-up.

4. Customize your shade of concealer. Use a mix of additional flesh toned hues to correct under eye puffiness and other uneven areas.

5. Give your complexion the healthy attention it deserves with a Pixi Perfection Palette ($28) that compartmentalizes into several tints to suit your eyes, cheeks and face.

6. Don’t forget to blush! Even after a late night on the town, blush will liven your features. Just dab on cheeks and even eyelids. Blush instantly brightens your complexion and gives you a visual lift.

Target offers a variety of exclusive cosmetics, hair care and personal care brands at a great price – making it a true destination for the best beauty offerings. 

{Disclaimer: Editorial samples was provided to determine opinion of product. All opinions expressed herein are my own. See disclaimer/disclosure for more info.}

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