Wednesday, October 23, 2013

6 Frighteningly Simple Halloween Treats

Halloween is always a fun time to experiment with delicious treats and desserts, however I'm no Martha Stewart. My idea of "home-made cookies" is opening a bag of Pillsbury cookies and sticking them them in the oven. I like to keep things simple in the kitchen, without breaking a sweat or spending a fortune, so I found six simple ideas that are fun and easy and that anyone can do - including me!

Halloween Owl Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes, Oreo cookies for eyes, Reese's Pieces for eyes and nose.

Rice Krispies Pumpkins

Make regular rice krispies and add orange food coloring (mix red and yellow to get orange), shape into balls, add a tootsie roll for a stem and green icing on for leaves. (source)

Gingerbread Vampires

One batch baked gingerbread men cookies, black frosting, white frosting, small red x sprinkles. (source)

Pudding Graveyards

Chocolate pudding, crumbled oreo cookies for dirt, chocolate chip cookie for graveyard, chocolate icing for RIP.

Black Cat Cookies

Chocolate cookies, candy corn eyes, red m&m's for nose, use fork to make whiskers.

Apple Mouth Bites

Apple slices, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows for teeth.

Do you have a simple Halloween recipe to share?


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