Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stylish Phone Accessories Designed by Supermodel Kate Moss

Winning combination of technology and fashion by Carphone Warehouse

Supermodel Kate Moss is currently making the rounds of the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 runway shows, and this just proves that she’s still a style icon. She was seated in the front row of the Topshop Unique’s catwalk showcase, wearing leopard-printed pants and a grey sweater with a black blazer, a warm ensemble to welcome the autumn months. Kate’s remarkable fashion sense was recently incorporated in phone accessories by Carphone Warehouse, in a collaboration that aims to bring a chic vibe to your gadgets. The Kate Moss Accessories Collection is made of high quality materials, and is inspired by Kate’s personal style. 

The range of products seemingly bridged the gap between technology and fashion, and it’s easy to see that Kate poured out her efforts into the project. Of course, she still finds time for leisure, such as marveling at new Fashion Week trends or occasionally playing bingo with family and friends. Her best friend and US Vogue Editor Sadie Frost are her constant companion, both in the runway shows and in weekend bingo games. Don’t be surprised if you see them in the London Palace for a charity bingo event, or if they follow Foxybingo on Twitter —they’re quite passionate about the game. And in every endeavor, whether she’s attending gala fashion shows, or playing bingo, or designing accessories, you can be sure that she does everything with aplomb.

What makes Kate’s collection special? Each has a Kate Moss stamp, designed to be held by empowered women. For instance, the silver star case for iPhone5 has a silver metallic side with a hard wearing protective shell which will shield your phone against scuffs. Because it’s made of high quality patent leather, it’s bound to be durable without making your gadget bulky. There’s a flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a matte black edge design and microfiber lining, and the interior’s motif is patterned on Kate’s wrist tattoo. Leather cases for iPad and tablets are also available.

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