Monday, August 19, 2013

Transitional Dressing: 4 Tips To Help You Go From Summer To Fall

With the gorgeous weather we’ve been experiencing in New York, it’s starting to feel more like fall instead of summer. As much as that thrills me, I haven’t completely updated my fall wardrobe, so lately I’ve been feeling uninspired to make the switch from summer to fall. Luckily, I found some great examples of transitional dressing via Pinterest and have picked up 4 great tips on transitioning my summer wardrobe.

1. Shorts + Tights
Shorts might not seem the most appropriate thing to wear for fall, but paired with tights and a long sweater it can be the perfect cozy day outfit.

2. Anoraks = Your B.F.F.
Anoraks are great for fall because they're lightweight and so versatile. They can be worn with anything.

3. Summer Dress + Boots
Just like Pippa pictured above, pairing your summer dress with tights and boots instantly transforms your summer outfit into fall.

4. Neon For Fall
Neon and bright colors don't have to be reserved just for summer, try adding a punch of color to your fall wardrobe with a touch of neon.

Do you like to remix your summer clothes into fall?

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