Friday, August 30, 2013

Say My Name: ONecklace Review

Who can forget the nameplate necklace Carrie Bradshaw made famous throughout the Sex and the City series? I think just about every girl wanted one. (I even remember rocking one back in the day too!) It was sterling silver with rhinestones -- and a bit cheesy when I think about it now, but I loved it nonetheless.  Unlike Carrie however, when I lost my necklace I was never able to find it again. So when ONecklace contacted me about their nameplate necklaces, I jumped at the opportunity to replace my long lost necklace. It's such an iconic piece that will never go out of style, and still a great way to add personality to your wardrobe.

This time around, I went with a sleeker script and chose the Alegro Name Plate in 24k gold, which is a fantastic value coming in at just under $50. You have your choice of chain lengths, in child and adult sizes, and can choose to have it gift boxed as well -- which would be great if you're looking for a personalized gift.

In the end I'm really happy with the way the necklace came out. I've already been rocking my name all over town, and this time I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't lose it any time soon!

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