Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Electronic Lifesaver (Sponsored)

Lately, I’ve been getting myself prepared for my Back-to-School routine with Arianna. During the summer I give her much more freedom when it comes to bedtime and playing hours, but now that her school days are fast approaching I’m trying to reel her in and get her back to her regular routine. It’s not easy task for either of us, (I know, I’ll miss those few extra hours of beauty sleep in the morning too), but at least I know I have one device on hand that will help our transition go much smoother. My Samsung Galaxy S4!

I’m not kidding. It’s literally my lifesaver.

For starters, it’s my alarm clock, so it helps me get my day started nice and early. (By the way, who uses standard alarm clocks anymore?) It’s also my weather advisor, which helps me figure out how I’ll dress Arianna for the day. On top of that, I’m also an obsessive picture-taker, so my phone is always with me to capture special moments, like her first day of school, or her holiday class recitals, and instantly allows me to share them with friends, family, and of course you all! Let’s not forget, it’s also my day planner, with appointments saved to my calendar, and reminders of grocery lists and upcoming events, such as birthday parties and field trips. I mean, this little device takes care of it all for me!

In this day in age, what can our phones NOT do, really?! They’re truly an extension of ourselves and a daily survival tool for most of us. In fact, I would feel completely lost without my phone for a day. But I’m glad I have my S4 to simplify my daily life. Furthermore with cool features like dual shots and sequence pictures, smart pause screens, and air gesture features, it makes using my phone a heck of a lot more fun too!

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