Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unique Hotels: Is this the Most Unusual? (Guest Post)

There are some downright odd hotel rooms available around the world and if you’re ever lucky enough to sample one during your travels, it’ll be something to remember forever. From the refurbished Boeing 747 in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle to hotel rooms made of straw in the heart of the Netherlands, the selection of weird and wonderful rooms are exhaustive as much as they are interesting. 

But who knew that we could sample a unique hotel room of our own in the UK? Not just anywhere in the UK either – at the summit of Ben Nevis, in fact. As the highest mountain in Scotland, Ben Nevis stands at 1,344m above sea level and it definitely meets the criteria for ‘unusual hotel room spot’. Before the 38-strong team hauled hotel furniture up the side of Ben Nevis to recreate a Travelodge hotel room at the summit, the accolade for the highest hotel room in the UK dated back to 1916, but the Travelodge team did one better.

As part of an ongoing fundraising mission, providing essential money to support the work of national charities, Travelodge set up this once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the help of sponsorship, their climb raised £40,000 for Macmillan to help them to continue their invaluable support throughout the battle for cancer that thousands of us have to go through.

While the Travelodge team certainly aren’t shy when it comes to fundraising, having hosted hundreds of events up and down the country over the past two years, climbing to the top of Ben Nevis equipped with a Dreamer bed, armchair, bedding and walls, is definitely one of their more adventurous missions. Can you imagine how awkward it would have been to clamber up the craggy trails, higher and higher, until you couldn’t see the Fort William base anymore?

Once they got to the top, they created a hotel room for weary travellers to sample as part of their Ben Nevis experience. Pitched high above civilisation, the hotel room (albeit temporary) was definitely an achievement that will be remembered for a long time to come and all in the name of charity – even better!

*This is a guest post by Tanya K

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