Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FFFWeek 2013: Building Your Brand Workshop (#SonsiFFFWeek)

While most events during FFFWeek were fashion-related, there were a few workshops in between that focused on improving yourself and your business. One of these workshops was the Building Your Brand Through Social Media Workshop which I attended last week.

The truth is we can't escape social media. It's a big part of the way we communicate now, and it plays an even bigger role for bloggers, brands, and designers. It's a critical tool in building our brand and learning to master it takes a lot of skill. Good thing we had an amazing panel to help us a long the way and share their knowledge and expertise.

Here's who was in attendance:

The Moderator - Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista

The Blogger- Ty, from Gorgeous in Grey

The Digital PR Agency- Dina Fierro HLGroup and Blogger at

The Brands - Heather McGarry, Marketing Manager, Lane Bryant and Carina Sullivan, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Evans

I liked that there was a good mix of bloggers and brands in the room, and who all had a different take on how social media plays a part in their lives. They offered up incredibly useful information that I plan on implementing right away on my blog and throughout my social media outlets.

Here are some tips I took away from the panel:
  • Be authentic
  • Know who you are as a blogger/brand
  • Watch what you say - you never know who's watching
  • Be useful. Be interesting. Be clever
  • Listen and engage
  • Never write anything you wouldn't say in person 
  • Open up. People will respond to it. 
What they said definitely got me thinking about what I want to change and the direction I want to take my blog. I'm excited to take Babblings of a Mommy to the next level and hope that you will all join me in the journey!

Before I go I wanted to give Sonsi a quick shout-out for providing me tickets to the workshop and also gifting me with the super cute Queen Grace Kara blouse I wore to the event! (Like it? It's available here)

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