Thursday, January 31, 2013

How School Makes Your Children Healthier (Guest Post)

When you pack the kids off to school each morning, you can assume that they’re being taught all the basics, from literacy and numeracy to science – but did you know that schools are also obligated to teach your children how to live a healthier lifestyle?

The UK government provides a Healthy Schools toolkit to help teachers promote healthy living, and in Scotland ‘health and wellbeing’ has been integrated into the new curriculum, which launched in 2010. So, in between traditional lessons, your little ones will be learning all about the following things:

Healthy eating 

A lot has been said in recent years about the standard of school dinners, particularly by celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver. However, current government standards now provide healthy meals with no deep fried foodstuffs, no crisps and no fizzy drinks. In the classroom, children learn about the essential food groups, and what makes up a nutritious, balanced meal.

Dental care 

Going to the dentist at least twice a year is important, especially for developing teeth. Schools often host visits from local dentists, who tell the children all about how to observe good dental hygiene - and the reasons why they should avoid sugary sweets and drinks. They’re usually given free toothbrushes to take home, so it’s a good introduction to how to maintain a healthy mouth.


Although recent reports have stated that many of England’s PE classes don’t feature enough strenuous activity, PE plays an important part in helping your child to develop a sense of healthy living. As well as giving your child a well-needed break from sitting down all day and helping them to develop teamwork skills, PE also gives children strength and fitness goals to reach. Kids don’t just spend an hour running around a gym hall, they’re also taught how to continue exercising at home and how much physical exercise they should do a week.

With all this taken care of, you just worry about getting your tots to school on time – and togged up in a good school uniform, which you can buy online from K&Co.

*This is a guest post by: Tanya K.

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