Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dazzling Spring Styles By Shoe Dazzle.

ShoeDazzle has been around for some time now, but it wasn't until they added fashion icon, designer, and world-renowned stylist Rachel Zoe as Chief Stylist that I really started to pay attention. I'm mean - who doesn't want to take style recommendations from RZ herself? Hello!

If you're unfamiliar with ShoeDazzle, they are the original online personal-styling innovator treating millions of women to a monthly showroom filled with on-trend, personalized shoe and accessory recommendations.

To join, you take a really fun quiz so ShoeDazzle can get to know your style. Based on the results of the quiz, ShoeDazzle gives you your first showroom of shoes and handbags they think you’ll love. At the beginning of every month you will receive a new selection that fits your individual style, and as new styles get added to the site throughout the month, they continue to tailor your personalized recommendations!

I took my style quiz and got lots of fun styles to choose from. Some of my favorites include the Cosset Wedge and the Jenny heel (I mean, can the name get any better? Really.)

Take the ShoeDazzle quiz today and gain access to your own showroom with personalized picks just for you. Make a purchase within 2 days of taking the quiz and get 25% off your order!

{Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by ShoeDazzle}

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