Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Girl

If there was one word to describe my birthday weekend it would be: indulgence. In every sense of the word. I was spoiled rotten by my family and I'm not gonna lie - I loved every second of it!

Jason and Arianna took me out to eat on my actual birthday, May 15th. Then patiently waited while I temporarily lost my mind and went on a full-on shopping spree for clothes and makeup. P.S. It was their idea. Just sayin'.

On Saturday we met up with the family and headed down to Little Italy for some delicious family-style Italian food. (I swear, I must've been Italian in a past life. I would be perfectly happy eating cheese and pasta for the rest of my life. Wouldn't you??!)

After our meal we walked a few short blocks to the legendary Ferrara Bakery for some more belly laughs and dessert. The cheesecake and cappuccino was phenomenal, and the perfect way to cap off the night with the fam. But somehow they still managed to top it even MORE by surprising me with a GORGEOUS new MK bag! Whoop. Whoop.

I love my family. They know me so well. :)

Here's a few pics. I apologize for the quality, they were taken on my cellphone.

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