Thursday, February 7, 2013

Celebrities Who Choose To Go Au Natural. {Featured Guest Post}

Since the long ago days of Lady Godiva, celebrated people, a.k.a “celebrities” have heightened their renown by going about in the nude. And why shouldn’t’ they? Most celebrities are known for one or more notably fabulous quality, ranging from great talent (singing or acting, usually) or great physical appeal, or both.  

Gods That Walk Among Us, Unclothed.
It’s a fact that people love watching beautiful people. That’s why celebrities become celebrated; they have an extra edge, or perhaps an extraordinary quality of great physical perfection that draws all eyes to them. Celebrities play the same role as God and Goddesses in ancient myths; they rise above the ordinary, and in their embodiment of the ideal of beauty, bequeath some of their magical properties upon ordinary humans --or so it all seems. For whatever reason, ordinary people love to gaze upon extraordinary beauty, especially when that beauty, be it male or female, goes without clothing.  

To Undress or Not To Undress
Going au natural—without clothing—is an age old device used by up and coming starlets, or sometimes, quite frankly, by actresses whose acclaim has faded a bit, to garner extra attention for their career. A photo blitz of a great looking star going without clothes is a guaranteed attention getter, for sure, and the bigger the star, the greater the attention.  

The Lovely, Late Marilyn Monroe
Movie stars may come and go, but there’s obviously never been a movie beauty that could top the glamour of the incandescent Marilyn Monroe. Born into humble circumstances, Marilyn (known in her pre-Hollywood years as Norma Jean Baker) used her formidable beauty and creative powers to transform herself, within a few short years, from a pretty photographer’s model into a world-famous Hollywood movie star. Along the way, Marilyn also became known as a star that was comfortable posing au natural in a photographer’s studio. Her early nude poses, which garnered her a very modest one-time fee, caused a scandal at the movie studios when they ended up in a nudie calendar and then in the first edition of Playboy Magazine. With her quick wit, Marilyn defused the scandal by saying she had been broke and quite frankly needed the money. When asked what she had on at the time of the sitting, she responded, “the radio.” With her beautiful image and gift for comedy, it’s no wonder this gorgeous screen star still has fans worldwide.  

The Material Girl Goes Au Natural
Pop icon Madonna is one of the many stars that emulated Marilyn’s glamour while defining an image of her own. Back in the 1980s, as Madonna’s star rose with a series of chart-topping hits, she made headlines of a different kind when a photographer released nude photos he’d taken of the singer when she was a struggling artist in lower Manhattan. The nudes show Madonna to be a pretty and athletic presence, but her abundant underarm hair, and unplucked eyebrows raised a few eyebrows from the gawkers who viewed the pics first hand. The “Material Girl” went on to unrivalled success as the years went on, and appeared scantily clothed in a series of music videos, and in her provocative coffee table book, “Sex.” Though still a musical force to be reckoned with, motherhood seems to have softened Madonna, and tamed her urge towards posing for nude pictorials.

Yes, society may raise an eyebrow or look askance at stars who pose au natural, yet the fact remains, nude poses get attention, and most fans find it difficult, if not impossible, to look away.

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