Monday, December 3, 2012

Host A Holiday Jewelry Bash For Hurricane Rebound. {#TouchStoneCrystal}

It's crazy to think that Hurricane Sandy (the largest Atlantic storm on record) was just a little over a month ago.  We were extremely lucky and fortunate that Sandy didn't cost too much devastation to my neck of the woods, but many are still reeling from Sandy's vast destruction.

That's why the Touchstone Crystal Division of Swarovski announced the launch of a “Holiday Hurricane Rebound” campaign to support its independent entrepreneurs on the East Coast impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Approximately 250 of the entrepreneurs who depend on income generated from in-home party sales of its branded product on the East Coast have been devastated by the storm. Circumstances for these entrepreneurs range from long-term loss of heat and power to complete home loss.

This “Holiday Hurricane Rebound” campaign will allow individuals from anywhere in the country to partner with a specific Touchstone Crystal small business owner on the East Coast whose circumstances have been effected by the storm to the degree that her or his ability to generate income in their community via traditional means is seriously challenged.

Participants will have a chance to connect with a Touchstone Crystal entrepreneur directly, online or via telephone, and set up an online jewelry sales party during the holiday season. In addition to initiating this campaign and working to help secure party partners and facilitate the parties, Touchstone Crystal will make double jewelry credit awards available to remote hosts who choose to sign up for this program. Each product in the Touchstone Crystal line is made with Swarovski Crystal and follows its strict quality guidelines.

 For more information on the “Holiday Hurricane Rebound” campaign by Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, visit


  1. Wow! What a cool way to support those who are still feeling the effects of Sandy. So pretty!!! ~Sarah

  2. What a cool thing, I think it's great. My brother is still there helping so I know it will take some time and lots of help to rebuild. Thanks for stopping by,


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