Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas At Our Home.

Hi dolls! I hope those of you who celebrate had a very merry Christmas!! If you don't, I hope you've enjoyed some time off this week. Christmas at our house was a repeat of last year, opening presents at our house, then meeting up with the fam in the afternoon. We had a blast watching Arianna open all her presents. This year, she got a mix of toys and big girl gifts which is a little bittersweet because we've come to the realization that our baby girl is growing up. Next year she'll be asking for an iPhone. (She won't get one, but she might ask for it.)

As for me, well let's just say that Santa paid very close attention to my Christmas Wishlist and agreed that I've been a very good girl this year.

Aside from opening gifts and spending quality time with the family, there was a small misfortune that happened.

I burned my entire right hand!! My MIL is always telling me to stay out of her kitchen, and maybe I should have listened because I burned my hand picking up a piping hot pan I thought was cool. I was in so much pain!!! I've never burned myself like that before. But between the honey I put on and the burn ointment Jason got me, it's healing up nicely. There's only two blisters on it which is A LOT better then I thought it was going to be. I'm really grateful that it's not worse, and that at the end of it I was still able to enjoy Christmas Day.

Here's a small glimpse of our Christmas.

How was your holiday? Do tell!


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