Friday, October 5, 2012

Get The Look: Kelly O's $250,000 Manicure For Less. (WAAAY Less.)

I'm sure you dolls have heard by now that Kelly Osbourne's ridiculous manicure for the 2012 Emmy's was a whopping 250K.

I mean, c'mon! Really?

Is that necessary? Even for a polish fein like me - that's obscene!!!

And In case you're wondering why a nail polish would ever be worth that kind of money, it's because it's made out of 267 carats of black diamonds.

I know! [Insert: eye roll]

But, if you admired Kelly's black diamond manicure, and actually live in the real world - try Illamasqua's Creator. A starry black polish that mimics the night sky. And you will only have to shell out $14 vs. the price of a new home, or your kids college fund.

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