Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Summer in {Instagram} Photos.

Today was Arianna's first day of 1st grade! She's such a big girl now! Ahhh!!! I can't take it!! Where did my little munchkin go?? I feel like she's growing up way too fast for me! Can't I just keep her this size forever, and ever??

No? Okay. Okay.

Sigh. Now that she's back in school, that means our summer is officially over, so I'd thought I show you what our summer looked like in instagram photos!

gorgeous view upstate ny/ family time in south street
me / boat ride on a gorgeous day in manhattan
fireworks/ late night carriage ride on date night
face-painting and funnel cakes
daddy's girl/ lady liberty
on row boat in central park/ freedom towers
amusement rides and pony rides
date night @ radio city music hall
time warner center / playground fun

snow cones/ gorgeous day in central park
chillin & acting silly

Hope you had a lovely summer! 
Too see more pics follow me @JennyMoyett

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