Friday, September 28, 2012

1 White Tee, 2 Ways To Wear It.

I'm a fan of simple fashion. I love the simplicity of a white tee paired with a few accessories to make an effortlessly chic outfit. Take this white tee I wore this week for example, I paired it with a olive button down shirt, and belt and created a military-inspired look.

Here are 2 other ways I would wear a simple white tee.

White Tee Look 1

White Tee Look 2

How would you wear it?


  1. There's really nothing like a plain white tee! It's a blank canvas for pretty much anything you could ever want to wear. I'm partial to paring it with a bright cardigan and jeans!

  2. These are all great looks! I think we sometimes forget how chic and effortless a plain white tee can be :)

  3. Love the pencil skirt look with the tee. I love to wear mine with colored denim.

  4. I completely agree! White Tee's are so classic and versatile.

    just found you via Mom Trends fashion party- obvs, the best one!
    Distinctly M

  5. I love a white tee too. My closet is filled with them. I never choose a different color :)


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