Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Sock It To Me}: How To Make The Perfect Ballerina Bun!

You've seen it everywhere - the big gorgeous bun that I thought until recently was only achieved by having thousands of bobby pins piercing your head. Well it turns out - it's not. It's actually achieved with a method that will knock your socks off, literally.

The simple technique is accomplished with a pair of scissors and a single sock! Searching the internet I found this great visual aid from being lovely that should help you understand the process.

What to do:
Step 1: Cut the toe portion of a dressy sock.
Step 2: Roll the sock inward to create a donut-like shape.
Step 3: Tie your hair up in a pony tail.
Step 4: Place the donut sock through your hair
Step 5: Spread hair around the sock and roll under, tucking in loose hair.
Step 6. Keep rolling until it reaches your head.
Step 7. Tuck any loose hair and you're done!

If you're more of a see-it-in-action type of girl, here's a quick demonstration:

So quick and easy!

Perfect for running errands or even a fabulous date night.


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