Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School Shopping: Mom Edition.

It's the end of August, which means moms everywhere are preparing to take their little nuggets back to school. They're of course heading back with fresh new outfits and the brand-new supplies, but why do the kids get to have all the fun?

Whether you're a mom that's class-bound, or just looking to spruce up your fall supplies, here are some great picks for a little back to school nostalgia.

Kate Spade iPhone Case | Big Buddah Messenger Bag | Tiny Prints Daytime Planner | Marc Jacobs Watch | Kate Spade Ear Buds | DKNY iPad Case | Kiva Ball Point Pens | DVF Coin Purse | Lipsy Apple Stud Earrings |

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  1. Cute picks. I like how the Kate Spade iphone case looks like the old composition notebooks.


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