Monday, July 30, 2012

{The Classics Checklist}: 50 Pieces To Build Your Wardrobe On.

We all have those staples in our closet that never seem to fail us. They can be decades old, but they still remain timelessly chic. In honor of such pieces, Matchbook Magazine has compiled a genius checklist of 50 timeless pieces that every woman should own. From a trench coat to ballet flats - this is a great list to make sure your wardrobe stands the test of time!


What are some your favorite classics?


  1. What a great list :) Makes me want to go shopping! haha

  2. I need to follow these guidelines! I just buy buy buy!

  3. I hand out something very similar to my styling clients. Thanks for posting!!! ~Sarah

  4. Great checklist...mine isn't nearly as long because I am a fan of infusing some really trendy things too for fun...but have a similar list for my personal shopping/closet makeover clients...
    thanks for sharing...I might have to "add in" a few for sure.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Such a great list! Blazers. I'm such a coat whore. I think they're the best investment.

  6. Good list indeed! I love my blazers and skirts! They can easily be dressed up or down!

  7. I love this little list, I should print it out so that I stay away from buying things I don't really need :) I especially like their choice of footwear essentials!


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