Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Trends To Try: Tribal Print

You've seen it everywhere - from fashion magazines to stores. Rich tribal prints are definitely a big trend this season.

If you're a little shy about going off the reservation, start off small with maybe a cuff or pair of earrings. But if the tribal trend is drumming your name - have fun and go for a stand-out dress like the one shown below!


  1. I love it in moderation. That HOH cuff is amazing. Would love to add that to my accessories!

  2. I love the tribal trend! I just wore a shirt from Zara recently that had a tribal fun! Love all of these picks, especially that dress!

  3. These are so gorgeous!!!!love the tribal trend!

  4. Totally digging tribal patterns but probably won't wear while preggers (don't need the girth ;)

  5. I love it, but in moderation. An awesome scarf, some earrings or a necklace? Great. That dress? It kinda reminds me of a sofa. Or at least that's what I'd look like in it.


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