Thursday, June 28, 2012

Narcisco Rodriguez Coming To Kohl's!

Hold the phone! I just found out that Narcisco Rodriguez has designed a capsule collection for Kohl's and it has literally made my week!

I looooove me some Narcisco Rodriguez!! (And P.S. his signature fragrance, For Her, is everything.)

This exclusive collection is part of the Kohl's DesignNation initiative, which gives designers an opportunity to travel to a city of their choice to find inspiration for their collection.

Rodriguez kicks off the program this November with his Istanbul-inspired collection which will consist of outerwear, tops, dresses, and knits, and will all be priced at a friendly $30 to $150 range!

Come-on ladies, are you excited?

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  1. O yea! I can't wait. I love designer items for less, a win win!

    1. Me too! I'm loving all these designer collabs recently.


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