Friday, May 25, 2012

Style Inspiration: J.LO'S Idol Looks.

I'm not an Idol fan, but every now in then I tuned in to see what Jennifer Lopez was wearing. This flashy Lanvin maxi skirt and jersey tee was one of my favorite looks this season. I loved the contrast between the casual top and the fancy skirt.

This green Milly trouser ensemble was another highlight for me. I loved the color blocking and the simplicity of it.

And finally, la Lopez KILLED it in this hot-pink Michael Kors number! 

The color? Amazing. The slit? Fierce. 

What's not to love?

What was your favorite look this season?

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  1. JLo is just fly! Point Blank! She puts in WERK!

  2. She's got a super look--being single agrees with her. Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Have a fashionable and fab weekend,


  3. J.Lo is top 3 for me. She's just so fun and daring and knows what works.


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